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CISCO Room Kit Mini with microphone

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CISCO Room Kit Mini with microphone

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CISCO Room Kit Mini with microphone
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Room Kit Mini delivers the industry-leading collaboration experience customers have come to expect from Cisco, which is consistent whether you're in a huddle space or a corporate boardroom. Easy deployment and management capabilities allow customers to outfit and support thousands of huddle spaces with intelligent collaboration tools typical of larger room systems - at high value - while unique analytics provide valuable insight on utilization for resource planning. Together, these features allow Cisco to remove the barriers to use and deployment, and enable the new huddle work style embraced by today's workforce. Room Kit Mini is rich in functionality and experience, while priced and designed to be easily scalable.
The Room Kit Mini is ideal for huddle spaces with three to five people because of its wide 120-degree field of view, which allows everyone in a huddle space to be seen. It also offers the flexibility to connect to laptop-based video conferencing software via USB. The Mini is tightly integrated with the industry-leading Cisco Webex platform for continuous workflow, and can register on premises or to Cisco Webex in the cloud.
The Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini offers collaboration innovation in a box, bringing more intelligence and usability to your huddle spaces. While other vendors struggle to insert advanced features such as automatic framing, wireless sharing, and 4K content into their high-end products, Cisco is bringing these innovations to huddle spaces in a cost-effective and simple way. With the Room Kit Mini, Cisco is helping customers experience smarter meetings, enabling smarter presentations, and creating smarter room and device integrations.
These features were previously the domain of higher-end video conferencing rooms, but can now be brought to every room and every team. And when registered to Cisco Webex, additional cloud-based functionalities are enabled that enhance the user experience and team workflow as well as further simplifying deployment.
Some examples include: Smart meetings. Powerful integrated cameras deliver intelligent view capabilities, such as automatic framing; automatic noise suppression reduces meeting disruptions. Smart presentations. Dual content sources, wireless sharing, and 4K content make for great presentations. Smart rooms. People count for usage metrics and resource allocation; tight integrations with screens enhance user interactions; APIs and macros allow meeting personalization. Registration flexibility. Built for both cloud and on-premises deployment, protecting your investment. Join any meeting. A USB passthrough enables interoperability with any cloud service provider.
TootekirjeldusCisco Webex Room Kit Mini - video conferencing kit
Seadme TüüpVideo conferencing kit
VoIP ProtokollidH.323
CodecH.264, H.265, H.239, G.711, G.722, G.729, G.722.1, AAC-LD, Opus
Digitaalne SignaalprotokollSIP, H.245, H.460.18, H.460.19, BFCP
Andmete TihendusprotokollG.711, G.722, H.263, H.264, G.722.1
VideosisendDigital video camera - HDMI
VideoväljundCodec board
Audio SisendMicrophones
Audio VäljundKõlar(id)
Sisend Seade10" touchscreen (wired)
VõrgundusEthernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0, IEEE 802.11ac
VõimsusAC 120/230 V (50/60 Hz)
Tootja CISCO
Toote tehasekood CS-KIT-MINI-K9
Garantiiaeg 3

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